Why you need a website

Do you run a business without a website?

Perhaps you think you must be a tech-savvy? or getting a business website is costly?

The truth is, you don’t need to be tech-savvy, getting a professional business website can be cheap and easy. while not having it will cost you time, energy and a lot of money to get your business running.

Today, I will be sharing a couple of reasons why you need to begin to consider a business website to ensure more sale and profitability of your business.

First, 81% of people research a business or service on the internet prior to making decision. An instance is, an average nigerian would rather prefer to go online to Jumia,Konga,Jiji, or any other reliable online store to get his or her android gadgets,wears, etc rather than going directly to the store next to them.

The question is this, “Where do Customers go to, when they need your products or services?”


Having a website will attract new customers and clients and make you more money.

(a) Your website is your 24hours online business that is available though you are asleep, it acts as your always-online business advocate during and outside business services.

(b) Your website adds instant credibility to your business. Simply 56% of people stated that they wont trust business without website. This explains why you have been loosing tones of customers.

Having a website boosts the credibility of your business as a legitimate business and as you know first impression lasts longer before the sights of customers.

How well will you help your business to go far in the remaining days of the year? do not wait until your competitors take absolute advantage of your local customers before your work on both local and foreign clients to your business. Hurry now and be among the entrepreneurs that sees the possibilities and future of the business year before its arrival. Contact us for your website design.


Adewunmi Olorunnisola is a web designer, digital marketer and social influencer who has been using his wealth of computer skills to develop various businesses. My foremost concentration is to help start-up organization to achieve their ultimate goals in the phase of competitions.

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