Top Challenges faced in Hotel management in Nigeria.

Top Challenges faced in Hotel management in Nigeria.

Not all the challenges in the hotel industry are unique, but many are common in hospitality as well as in other industries. Managing a hotel is not an easy task. To succeed in the hotel business, managers should work on multiple channels and issues.

Many of the so-called owners and managers of the hotel in Nigeria have considered hotel business as a mere venture, like the houses we live in, in which after the initial construction and beautification, there is no such a marked-out budget for its development and longevity. and . for as much as Hotel management and its services are concerned, there should be a high concentration on its development on every facet to yield maximum profits.

How to Overcome the Challenges for maximum profit in 2020.

Before I will begin to list and give explanations on top challenges faced in Nigeria Hotels, there is need first for every hotel manager to understand that, the hotel business is not only established to generate profit, but rather, to accommodate, enhance relaxation, tourism and give best user-experience to all clients. This can only be effective when the causes and challenges of the hotel are driven out; hence they include

1. Change in marketing trends and dynamics:

Challenge: Change in the advertising and marketing trend often creates a problem for hoteliers. The traditional marketing methods aren’t that effective now. Online marketing is a surefire method. Online deals are booked by genuine guests and major transactions are paid in advance. 

SolutionEngaging your guests on user-friendly websites, social media marketing platforms, messaging apps and other online sources can work wonders and give you results in a few days.

 2. Operational issues:

Challenge: There are so many operational challenges in hotel industry. Right from managing reservations, to attending guest and performing all front desk operations, maintaining cleanliness in hotel rooms and premises, and so on. However, hotel departments fail to perform all tasks in sync which leads to mess and customer dissatisfaction.

Solution: The best way to overcome this challenge is to adopt an integrated hotel PMS system. You can streamline all operational areas by syncing all departments so that they can communicate easily with the help of this hotel technology.

3. Change in guest expectations:

Challenge: Change in guest expectations is one of the biggest challenges in hotel industry. You’ve witnessed that now-a-days guest demands a lot more from the hotel. Free WiFi, entertainment system, unique stay experience and swift check-in check-out services. Abiding by the trends is quite difficult as all the facilities aren’t available at a hotel for all types of guests.

Solution: To meet the guest expectations you can provide a self-service guest portal which will facilitate quick check-in check-out services, map location guide to your hotel, request for pick-up and drop-off services. And the most important is your guest remains updated with the expenses incurred on a daily basis. So, you just need to approve the valid request of your guest and be rest assured of the best hotel experience.

4. Guest Online Booking

View a Booking Website

Challenge: Every hotel in this century must possess a booking service to her clients in other to facilitate the clients to make a demand for services ahead of the scheduled date. To thrive far better and achieve greater profit in service, these challenges aforementioned must be severely tackled.


Have a structural design on your website, that will help you achieve and maximize your service area and help you discharge booking spaces for better customer interactions with your business.

 5. Losing loyal customers:

Challenge: Due to multiple offers coming from online sources, guests do not rely on single hotel or be a loyal customer to you. They now are in search of eye catching schemes that benefit them financially as well as in services.

Solution: By using loyalty programs you can help retain the clients. Even if they’ve stopped using the services, you can approach your guest and offer them deals or package. You can run 2 or 3 promotions at a time and compare each of them to find which is giving you the highest response.

6. Change in technology:     

Challenge: With advancements in technology ever increasing, every aspect of our daily lives is being altered with it. Whether you think this is for the better or worse, technology is changing the hotel industry. Gone are the days when guests used to wait for hours or a day to receive answers to any query. Today, with the help of technology innovation, customers are expecting a fast response and services from hotels. 

Solution: Therefore, hotels have also begun to tailor guest experiences with chatbots. Chatbots allow hotels to respond to more visitors at once, answer every query instantly, and more. This way, it helps visitors to convert more website visitors into customers.

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